another damned thick book mr gibbon

  • ITEM! Someone at my job didn’t know how many states there are in the U.S., and also didn’t know to be embarrassed about this!
  • ITEM! I am going to be in a NASCAR universe for the next couple of months. Anyone got a spare mullet?
  • ITEM! I’ve been incredibly grumpy not to say enraged a lot lately. Could I be surrounded by idiots or is it just the serotonin?
  • ITEM! I have been pornifieid by the Internet. I just received email regarding “Turkish Amateurs” which was actually about amateur radio and deleted it, thinking it was porn spam!
  • ITEM! Cheese is made from milk!
  • ITEM! There was an episode of the New Kung-Fu on today featuring the Holy Grail (chinese jade version), knights, Nazis, and priests!
  • ITEM! Antonin Artaud was right. We live in a Theatre of Cruelty.

2 thoughts on “another damned thick book mr gibbon

  1. Kung Fu is the way…
    So what was the name of the Kung Fu movie? It definitely sounds like a competitor with “Ninja vs. Ninja”. Does it have plastic teethed pedophelic vampires too?

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