pregame: barry manijlow, patti labelle, james ingram, and wynonna judd lip synching with tiny children in military uniforms dragging a huge fake liberty bell around and people in lady liberty outfits dancing

i don’t know how i am going to get through this sober.

3 thoughts on “superdrone

  1. so-brrr.
    you might not be able to be drunk, but you can be punk! surprise everyone and turn into some odd, androdynous stranger. or just take some drexeldrethelane. actually that doesn’t really exist.
    christian the the

    1. Bad news, honeybunch
      Thank you boring_plant! As someone who has stapled someone’s pants to the floor you are eminently trustable. And you’re right.. I’ve been punk for years now and it’s much more effective when dealing with surreal situations than drunkenness, really.

      1. another discovery is that lj puts a cookie in saving the subject from your last comment, so that if I hadn’t changed it, I’d be saying “BAD NEWS HONEYBUNCH” to everyone for the rest of my life.

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