the amityville goulash (slight return)

Primates should not be given 2000 pound high-speed metal vehicles. Watching people drive at lunch time today, I saw all kinds of odd ape behavior: intimidation, frustrated leaps, communication via loud honks, and attempts to guard resources from attack. All fine when you’re throwing bananas at each other in Cameroon, not so much at 45 miles per hour on Bundy.

I am attempting to tame my bread machine with help from stimps.

I have nothing further to say except that all night load tests suck and Red Vines are tasty. L’Chaim!

2 thoughts on “the amityville goulash (slight return)

  1. I am the pusher Bread Bot
    If “taming the bread machine” involves simple usage and following the manual, I’m sure I can give you a hand as well. If it involves crazy creative uses that are not exactly covered in the 15 page manual, that is probably a bit out of my league.
    White, French, whole wheat, sourdough from scratch, sourdough from a box, pizza dough, end of list. I also have cinnamon rasin in a box that has not yet been attempted.
    Maybe later, I’ll use it for making play dough.

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