the good life

Today I bought a few things. The Sigur Ros album (they’re wonderful!), a hardback set of the Lord of the Rings because I haven’t had a good set of that book in ages, and some food. I cooked and ate the food with my mother. Red peppers, yellow squash, tri-tip and albacore tuna grilled over charcoal. A really, really good meal.

I was thinking as I cooked about the fact that this was a really good day, and realizing that it wasn’t until my successful treatment for depression that I realized good days required some effort, and could sometimes be achieved. When you’re depressed, sometimes passivity is your worst enemy. “Good days” seem to arrive infrequently on their own, like FedEx packages.

Later, if you’re lucky, you find out that bits of the Good Life can be acquired if you’re willing to go find them. In this case, about $20 worth of food cooked and shared produced a nearly perfect evening, and not just because the Gods smiled. Mostly it was a little work and attention, and a desire to make a day work well. Experience is sometimes an excellent teacher!

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