things fall apart

What is now routine on television occurs again; bombs, distant lights of explosions, much discussion of military hardware on news channels. It seems all for no good, and any good that comes will be the fruit of some much harder work.

In a happier mode, i cooked well again today. Grilled tri-tip, chicken, yellow squash, and mushrooms. Yellow squash are especially good cooked over coals with some mesquite wood smoke.

It’s odd living in an empire in decline. While I sit in luxury here, I can hear the barbarian wars in the distance..

5 thoughts on “things fall apart

    I’m OK with the crumbling of Western civilization as long as I get to be one of the cool post-apocalyptic people, like the guy from “Six-String Samurai”. I’d better start laying in my emergency cache of sunglasses and firearms now, though.

    1. Re: DECLINE …just decline
      i think i am going to start to write my own version of Doulas Coupland’s Life After God.
      but i will call it. “gee, the government killed us”

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