DHS troll further identification via ljtoys

OrgName: U.S. Immigration and Naturalization Service
Address: Data Communications Section (HQTCM)
Address: Room 4206
Address: 425 I Street, NW
City: Washington
StateProv: DC
PostalCode: 20536
Country: US

NetRange: –
NetHandle: NET-161-214-0-0-1
Parent: NET-161-0-0-0-0
NetType: Direct Assignment
RegDate: 1993-02-22
Updated: 1993-02-22

RTechHandle: BB232-ARIN
RTechName: Bean, Bob
RTechPhone: +1-202-514-4822

How can you run, when you know?

The State of Ohio felt the need to have its own Patriot Act. Way ho way to go, Ohio.

As a result there’s a loyalty oath, of course. State employees have to certify that they’re not terrorists and that they don’t support terrorists. Sign here, please.

This is even more ridiculous than the Cold War loyalty oaths. Those at least had a tenuous connection to reality. There was a real war, and real Soviet spies operating in this country, and some of them were American citizens. The rest of it, well. Yeah.

The idea, though, that agents of terror are deliberately getting jobs with the State of Ohio in order to use their influence to cause terror to reign o’er the land, uh, no. If such people exist, lying on the loyalty oath isn’t going to be such a problem for them. Yeah, I’m leaving pipe bombs full of nails around in malls on weekends but due to this official form I’m now forced to admit it! GOT ME!

I took symbolic logic at UCLA from Donald Kalish. Kalish was a wonderful teacher and a very nice guy. He was also an old time radical (he hired Angela Davis) and had the genuine rebel spirit. One day he used loyalty oaths as a logic example:

“So, we have here the example of an oath which professors are asked to sign, certifying that they are not Communist agents. There are three groups here… [chalkety chalk] The secret Soviet Communist agents will of course sign the oath [chalk chalk], the collaborators and the weak will also sign the oath [chalk chalk!] but the idealists will neither sign the oath [chalk] nor speak to those who do! [furious chalking]

A spammer darkly

hotelsamurai pointed me to this Wired News story which has interesting implications.

These researchers have invented a scheme for finding interesting images. Computers aren’t so great at it yet, but humans are. In fact, we’re so good at it that we recognize important images before we consciously know it, and this recognition can be measured by EEG. In their setup, a human watches images go by, and the ones that register on the EEG as “of interest” are set aside to be looked at more carefully. In short, it’s brain-aided image triage.

Given the current sources of funding for research, the examples given are surveillance camera shots, and the T-word has to be mentioned. This makes the whole project stink of 21st century panopticon. But that’s not the important part.

Using a human as a coprocessor, literally as a brain rather than as a person, is new. I imagine it doesn’t matter too much which brain you use, aside from some that are very good or very bad at recognizing images. It’s also likely that this isn’t fun “work.” Just looking at rapidly changing images for a long time is tiring, and if you aren’t able to do anything else but sit in the chair and let your unconscious processes do something, the boredom would be awful. From my own experience doing EEG biofeedback, the side effects of directly EEG-linked activity can be very unpleasant and unpredictable. I doubt anyone knows yet what the effect would be of long-term work as a rent-a-brain.

A Philip K. Dick dystopia looms, in which “braining” is something the poor do, like plasma donation or prostitution. Maybe it fucks you up pretty bad, but the Wal-Mart hasn’t been hiring in a while and you need cash. Too bad about the week-long psychoses a person gets after doing the hookups for a couple of weeks of 12-hour days…

Good morning. Here’s your paranoid thought of the day.

We have a quasilegal military prison in Guantanamo Bay. The status of the prisoners there is precarious. Military justice applies, and events are recorded and public records made.

We also have a murky gulag of international detention centers, to which various foreign terrorism suspects are flown in unmarked planes. It is not known how many prisoners there have been or what their fates have been. Nothing is publicly recorded.

At least one U.S. citizen has been detained in an irregular manner in a military prison, and his case has been well-reported and debated.

How do we know that U.S. citizens and others are not being simply picked up off the streets and disappeared? Any witnesses could be threatened into silence with the Patriot Act.

And if it isn’t already happening, how will we know? People go missing all the time. It’s a big country. They could try it out with some random people who don’t seem to matter before they went after someone who might be noticed.

FISA in one-syllable words



Q: Hmmm. It is cinch to heed the law then, and still keep us safe. YAAYYY!

A: But the Bush Administration did not heed the law. With no warrants, it spied on some phone lines. It spied on a LOT of phone lines.

Q: Why? Did they say why they broke the law?

A: They gave two “why”s. First, the Man who ran the NSA wire taps said that to go to the FISA court, and do what the law and Constitution say —

Q: The Constitution is good!

A: … yes. The Man who ran the NSA wire taps said that to go to the FISA court would take too much time, and they would have to fill out a lot of forms!

Q: Ummm … huh.

A: Yep.

Q: That does not seem like a good “why.”

A: Nope.

Q: You would think they would have guys whose job it is to fill out forms.

A: You would.

We had the flag with us

One of the best things about an oppressive, unaccountable government is the humorous situations. Inevitably, one part of the mechanism will crash into another, resulting in a laff riot. In this case, the evil, stupid robots in charge of the TSA and the No Fly List encountered a condensed symbol of American patriotism and defiled it really, really hard. In the butt. This article is from the Marine Times. It could only be better if each Marine had been holding a crying eagle and a model of the WTC.

TSA detains Marine escorts
Trio escorting body of fallen comrade are stripped of dress blue coats, searched at airport

By Gidget Fuentes
Times staff writer

It wasn’t the city of “brotherly love” for a trio of Marine noncommissioned officers escorting the body of a fallen Marine through the Philadelphia airport.

Each decked in their blue dress uniforms, the three enlisted Marines made their way through a security checkpoint at the Philadelphia International Airport about noon on May 3 when they were pulled aside by security workers with the federal Transportation Safety Administration.

The Marines — a sergeant and two corporals — were escorting the body of Sgt. Lea R. Mills from Dover Air Force Base, Del., to his family in Gulfport, Miss. Mills, who was married and lived in Oceanside with his wife, was killed in Iraq on April 28 by a roadside bomb. He was one of three leathernecks killed that day in Iraq’s Anbar province.

They were brothers-in-arms. Like Mills, the Marine escorts are members of the Camp Pendleton-based 3rd Assault Amphibian Battalion.

The trio had to go through the terminal’s security in order to reach their flight that would take them to Houston and make sure that Mills’ body was properly placed on the airplane. While their uniforms likely would trigger the metal detector, they had figured they would be able to zip through the screening process and get on with their business.

“Wearing the blues, the metal detector is going to go off,” said Sgt. John Stock, a mechanic, who was accompanied by Cpls. Aaron Bigalk and Jason Schadeburg.

But as the Marines went through the initial screener in their dress blues, they were stopped by several TSA agents. Each was told to remove their dress uniform blouse, belt and black dress shoes, which were scanned by the detector, as the agents scanned them with hand-held detecting wands.

“They had me take off my shoes and ran them through the screening,” Stock said, speaking by phone May 5 from Gulfport, where the men are helping with Mills’ family and funeral support. “We all got searched.”

Then they were taken to a nearby room, where TSA workers patted them down.

At one point, Stock’s shoes disappeared, leaving him to frantically search for them and retrieve them from a TSA agent. Separated from their belongings, which included the flag that they bore that would drape Mills’ casket for the rest of the journey home, they worried about getting to the gate in time to ensure his safe placement in the airplane.

Time, it seemed like a half-hour, clicked by. “I was like, hey, we need to be on the tarmac,” Stock recalled. “It just took longer than it should have had to take.”

The agents said nothing to explain why all three were singled out for additional search and the Marines didn’t protest. “We were just trying to get there as quick as we could,” he added.

In all, it was a humiliating experience that left them angry.

“They could probably tell that I was pissed off,” said Stock, who noted that he’s never encountered that kind of search when going through airport security in uniform.

“I understand if I was in civilian clothes. But with what we were wearing and what we were doing … ,” he said, noting that “we had the flag with us.”

A call into TSA’s public affairs office in the D.C. area was not returned as of press time.

“The Marine Corps is currently cooperating with (TSA) to resolve this matter,” the command said in statement issued May 5 and provided by 2nd Lt. Lawton King, a 1st Marine Division spokesman at Camp Pendleton.


More Octopus! TV Show for Japanese Kids includes wacky slapstick skits about the oppression of the workers, dictatorship, torture, the dangers of digging up unexploded bombs, and voodoo!

It’s sort of a Japanese Krazy Kat too: both the octopus and the peanut are in love with the walrus. You know.

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