DHS troll further identification via ljtoys

OrgName: U.S. Immigration and Naturalization Service
Address: Data Communications Section (HQTCM)
Address: Room 4206
Address: 425 I Street, NW
City: Washington
StateProv: DC
PostalCode: 20536
Country: US

NetRange: –
NetHandle: NET-161-214-0-0-1
Parent: NET-161-0-0-0-0
NetType: Direct Assignment
RegDate: 1993-02-22
Updated: 1993-02-22

RTechHandle: BB232-ARIN
RTechName: Bean, Bob
RTechPhone: +1-202-514-4822

14 thoughts on “DHS troll further identification via ljtoys

    1. No. That was the name of the guy who registered the IP address range for the INS back in 199-fucking-3 when it was still called the INS and not the ICE, ICE, BABY that it’s now called under the Department of Fatherland Security.

  1. the serrach here
    i have a mole (and close personal friend) in DHS-INS (actually it ain’t called that anymore but who cares). that bob bean person, if he exists, clearly ain’t your dude. and it’s entirely possible that your dude does not work in D.C. just all IP’s are centralized. they like it like that.
    fyi only.
    el s

  2. Party on
    Before I write this, as George Carlin answered his phone when it was being tapped, “Hello, fuck Hoover! Yes, go ahead.”
    “Room 4206?” Write to your congressman (woman?), daddy-o.

    1. Re: Party on
      I should have made more clear, as the commments are showing me, that all this shows is that homeboy works for the INS. All the other info is just about the technical people in charge of his wires, who are blameless here.

  3. Odd, that… I have recently had my own strange visitations…
    Just lately, thanks to the magic of site metering, it has become clear that a couple of posts at the Mojowire have drawn the interest of parties unknown at the U.S. Army Infantry Center at Fort Benning, GA and the U.S. Army Research Lab up near Aberdeen, MD.
    Granted none of them bothered with the inflamatory, yet juvenile rhetoric, they did linger for a bit apparently and check out the posts…
    Not sure what to make of all that…
    mojo sends

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