ignatz: the Black Gate slowly creaks open to reveal: http://www.hipsterrunoff.com/
ignatz: “hipster runoff” is the stuff they tell you not to put in the drains, because of the wildlife
zebulon_y: yes
zebulon_y: it makes local fauna boring and longwinded and stupid
ignatz: and they ask their parents for money and their parents are just fish and it’s all bad
zebulon_y: so they go get a fintoo
zebulon_y: some piercings
zebulon_y: and then are eaten by a predator attracted to the sparkle
zebulon_y: that’s actually the strategy of one of those crazy brain-controlling parasites
zebulon_y: larval stage in fish, releases brane chemicals that makes the fish swim upside down and crazy
zebulon_y: white bellies attract birds who eat them and parasite matures and spawns in bird
ignatz: That would explain a lot of indie rock
zebulon_y: so anyway if we could just tune that parasite to hipsters, yeah
ignatz: poseurplasmosis hottopicii
zebulon_y: more specifically the blogosphere
ignatz: Nothing sadder than a grouper with Guyliner


nrrd: Wow, best name for a video game evar: ” Evenings on a Farm near Dikanka 2: Evening on the Eve of Ivan Kupal Holiday”
nrrd: And nothing says “mainstream success” like “based on a Nikolai Gogol novel”
ignatz: I never beat the end guy in “Dead Souls”
nrrd: You have to use the magic cloak

We’re phrasing out the neologidigm coinagwise

DJ Codswallop: substitute: do a sanity check for me
DJ Codswallop: is “vision space” an existing buzzword
substitute: it’s not familiar to me…
DJ Codswallop: guh.
DJ Codswallop: well.
DJ Codswallop: i just coined it, i guess
DJ Codswallop: this is why you should never let me write proposals while tweaking
substitute: Is vision space like customer space but for internal customers who are knowledge workers?
DJ Codswallop: vision space is more like an enteprise-wide architecture that is service oriented yet goals driven
DJ Codswallop: on a go-forward basis
substitute: this meta-presentation gives an overview at the 100,000 foot level for decision-makers of our ROI-based framework which has been developed as a wireframed model of ur mom
DJ Codswallop: substitute you are my brother in christ
DJ Codswallop: but the next time i see you i will kill you

Waterclosetgate Hearings

ignatz: Mr. President, at the time of the memorandum you did not specify #1 or #2. Was there additional communication between you and the Secretary of State on this distinction?
ignatz: Please let the record show that the President slowly lifted both hands.
maciej: Republicans angrily denounces insinuations that the President may have intended to go do #3
ignatz: Why do you hate defecation?
maciej: 2 4 6 8… Condi can I micturate?
ignatz: Mr. President, you already have. It’s time to go to the “undisclosed location” again.