So, Timmy. Do you like movies about… bloviators?

  1. The Condoleeza Hairdo Alert System has been activated. Please make a note of it.
  2. You may not have to constrict your anus 100 times in a row. Try improving your brain function with a cellphone ringtone! Ah, the Mysterious East.
  3. North Korean dictator/space alien Kim Kong Il remembers all the nation’s phone numbers, according to his press agency. Then again, there’s maybe 8 phones in the country. It could be a trick question.
  4. Here’s a weekly collection of misleading blurbs that may explain why a huge steaming pile of dog poop gets some good reviews.
  5. Extra multilink bonanza roundup: The captive audiences media industry is growing like crazy. Asshole companies who trap you in elevators or at the gas station are doing great. The next frontier is TV covering the floor too: FLASMA!
  6. To cheer you up from all that, here’s an unusual cat.

You’re welcome.

Even funnier, I had to ask her to turn it down.

Weird and cool: Coming into the living room and seeing my 76-year-old mother watching Nick Cave on the TV. And liking it.

Weird and funny: Getting two text messages from bikupan that appeared to be from a year ago, one saying “What, no potato salad? Bah!” and the other “Is something wrong?”. I vaguely remembered going back and forth about my accidentally vegan potato salad recipe last year and having some technical snafus. But no, she really did send those last night, and it wasn’t a temporal wormhole in the SMS system.

Neither weird, funny, nor cool: My re-discovery tonight of the fatal flaw in desktop computers nowadays: they’re all I/O bound. Here I sit with an 800 MHz PowerPC and 1 gig of RAM in my lap and I can’t do jack. Why? Because there’s disk intensive activity going on. The window manager slows to a crawl, none of my apps respond except in annoying bursts, and inexplicable errors occur probably due to clicks and keyboard presses out of focus because windows are changing erratically. It’s like I’m connecting to my own computer over a crappy old 14.4 modem link. RAAAAAAR. I want IDE to go away. [/geek]

Neither weird, funny, nor cool: I am reading a book about the Vietnam war. Bad: we’re doing it again. Worse: we’re doing it again much more stupidly . I’m experiencing nostalgia for the sincerity, honesty, and sense of duty of CIA and military officers from 1966. YOW!

Weird and funny but not cool: Bro ‘n’ ho couple arrive in D’s tonight and she asks D., who is behind the counter: “Do you have Chocolate Tea?” A moment of silence, and D. says “Umm, no?” Customer says: “Could you do that, like, put mocha in tea?” D: “I guess, yeah!” Customer: “Would that be disgusting, do you think?” D: “Yes, it would.”