List of formerly funny people

There are several categories of post-funny people. Some of them were funny, then became cocaine addicts, and then got off cocaine and lost their funny. They should have either avoided cocaine in the first place or never quit. These are marked with a “C”.

Some other post-funny people were funny and then became political and serious and have lost their funny, but do not know this. These are marked with a “P”. These people do things that have the structure of skit or standup comedy but are just pissed off political rants, and not even satire. They’re sad.

Finally there is a third category of idiopathic funny-loss; people who were funny but are not now amusing, and the reason is not known.

  • Dennis Miller (P,C)
  • Janeane Garofalo (P)
  • Dick Gregory (P)
  • Robin Williams (C)
  • Dana Carvey
  • Bill Cosby (P)
  • Eddie Murphy (C)
  • David Letterman

Ms. Garofalo quit alcohol which may give her some equivalent to a “C”, although cocaine seems to have a magical humor-removing effect.