Washington Boulevard, Whittier to Downtown: Photoessay


I shot a series of photos on Washington Blvd today, east of Downtown. It’s a long street, going from industrial East L.A. County all the way to the ocean. This is the first chunk I’m shooting.

A lot of Southern California is industrial. A lot of other Southern California is where industrial workers live. It’s not spoken of much.

More photos from today are in my photo set on Flickr.

9 thoughts on “Washington Boulevard, Whittier to Downtown: Photoessay

    1. A lot of the architecture is clearly late 60s and early 70s. I think that’s because Southern California was mainly built up then, and poorer or more industrial areas never tore down and rebuilt.

  1. Lovely. My brain fills in so much… I want to say colours, but really, I see the intentions of the people who were there.

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