10 thoughts on “I love California

    1. It’s a couple. One of them is a Croatian guy and the other is a Filipina.
      The name of Croatia *in* Croatia is “Hrvatska” and Filipina women are called “Pinay.”


  1. ummm helloo…
    i don’t know how i came across this.. but umm.. this is me. i am a croatian filipino. my friends call me the cro flip.. and my frame says…. hrvatica ❤ pinay, which means… croatian girl/filipina (girl) and it says "like no other" on the bottom… because someone of my mixed heritage is hard to find…
    any questions?!
    this is kinda random and i’m kinda freaked out… lol.


      1. Re: ummm helloo…
        Well I am glad that people who don’t know the entire meaning behind it can still enjoy it. You must have great eyes to have seen such small writing while buzzing around on the freeway!


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