I sure am glad President [Johnson] was re-elected instead of that scary [Goldwater] guy. Now that [Medicare] is in full swing, the [War on Poverty] can’t fail!

I’m worried about the situation in [Vietnam] but you know, someone with this kind of social commitment isn’t going to escalate the situation over there. Maybe with an increase in troop levels we can get the [Vietnamese] government back on its feet and not be there much longer!

Jesus H. Christ, we’re playing MadLibs with 1965.

9 thoughts on “Whew!

  1. History, while not exactly repeating itself, has an annoying habit cycling through well-known forms.
    Afghanistan is an empire-eater (ask Russia/USSR and Britain). There is no clear military objective there. Like Korea, Vietnam and Iraq, the US entered to achieve a political objective.
    There’s a weird idea in DC that the states auto-organize if you just knock over strongmen (or put strongmen in power).
    What’s chilling is that you know this is how the Beltway views the US.

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