It finally happened.

I’ve been waiting for this moment. Every year since the event, I look around the likely sites. Has it happened yet? One year it almost did, but they weren’t charging and it was electronic only. Another year someone almost did it, but didn’t quite clear the bar. But it’s done now.

Hallmark has 9/11 USA Patriot Day greeting cards for sale.

I had become naive enough to think they’d wait a decade.

17 thoughts on “It finally happened.

  1. I like to use 9/11 as an occasion to exercise oft-ignored/threatened rights, namely private bathroom analingus while high on paint thinner, the receiver reading the manga version of Mein Kampf.


  2. thanks
    I so had to RT that on facebook so that others will know where to do their, whatEver… on this most holliest of HolyDays….
    Did I miss the one celebrating how Dubya shot down the IranqIstanian Flying Saucer?


  3. Let me get this right if i am standing in a building and an airplane runs into it that makes me a Patriot right. Seems like the concept could be expanded to include being in a burning building or just being in a building when you die. And of course the next obvious thing would just dieing.


  4. This was the first year I forgot about the significance of the day. Something online reminded me at noon. I am sorry it happened but I am even sorrier that it was used as an excuse for an illegal war that continues to do nothing but strengthen the sources of the the attacks that day. As such commemorating is fucking preliminary. We should all make our status messages in Facebook.
    Having said that I do feel for the people who lost family members that day. I just would like for ALL SENSELESS KILLING DRIVEN BY FUNDAMENTALISTS TO STOP.
    Re: that wish:
    You might say I’m crazy. But I’m not the only one.


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