Aaiiiieeee Bears!

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Aaiiiieeee Bears!, originally uploaded by conradh.

Ideally this van would disgorge actual bears on demand. However, it’s some kind of pre-failed service that brings mobile teddy bear parties to your location.

No, I don’t know either.

14 thoughts on “Aaiiiieeee Bears!

    1. GMTA
      If this weren’t Orange County, I’d wonder whether it wasn’t a mobile gay sex party delivered to one’s doorstep.

    1. Re: we’re beared up
      We do too, near the hills. One wandered into Bill & Ted’s home town of San Dimas the other day and swam in someone’s pool.

      1. Re: we’re beared up
        strange things are afoot at the circle k…oh nevermind
        Do you guys have killer bees yet? They say we might eventually get killer bees.

      2. Re: we’re beared up
        Yeah, we have africanized bees. Just not a whole lot of incidents.
        More worried about africanized bears.

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