Delicious LiveJournal Links for 8-11-2009

4 thoughts on “Delicious LiveJournal Links for 8-11-2009

  1. re: juggalos. given the vice mag coverage this year and the metafilter thread it seems like people are stopping the HORF DORF JUGGALOES and now they’re thinking that juggalos are cool? because they are impoverished youth that have some kind of a community? i am not fucking around, this is the weirdest thing ever. will amend this comment with links once my brane wakes up.


  2. I had never encountered the term “Juggalo” until you posted this. Yes, I’m that old. It reminds me of what extent H.S. students will go to in order to find the safety that comes with community: every generation comes up with a new form of warning coloration. It’s a wonder we didn’t evolve with crests to raise at one another.


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