Dear Lazyweb: I get a blackberry this week.

I’m not sure which one I get, but in the next couple days I’ll receive a Blackberry for my job. I’d be interested in hearing your:

tips! tricks!

good sites for apps or tips! or tricks!

problems I will run into

stuff I should not do at all, really no not at all

anything else


20 thoughts on “Dear Lazyweb: I get a blackberry this week.

  1. I got the Pearl last year and will probably get a larger version the next time. It did everything I wanted it to straight out of the box, so I haven’t felt the need to download any apps. Um, wow, I am helpful.


      1. Re: some useful foo
        Ah, MidPSSH! I used taht before I found a winmobile ssh client. Thanks. SSH is pretty useless here but I could use it for other things.


  2. I have the Pearl and I really like it, very easy to use and navigate. I didn’t get it out of the box and go DUHHHHHH like I tend to with new electronics.
    I like.


  3. If you have a friend, even a special friend, with whom you share space, DO NOT under any cricumstances, leave all the fucking audio bleepy alerts on when this friend is with you! TURN THAT SHIT OFF.
    It was a sore point with someone I used to know, and one of the things I enjoy most about this person’s absence is no more chirpy little Eno sound widgets every few minutes.
    I guess there’s some trendy little google maps app that can auto update your location, like a passive geo-tweet. If you install it, remember to disable it when you don’t actively wish to publish your location to the intarwebz.
    Other than that, I remained vigilantly ignorant of how the thing worked. I’ve been holding out for an open source smartphone, by which I mean, it comes with openssh.
    Blackberries are in the Rubus genus. There are many species and cultivars to choose from should you wish to modify your auto sig.


    1. Yeah, my own smartphone suits me fine. This one is solely the work provided utility device.
      One week out of four I need to keep some alerts loud enough to wake me up. “Good” thing I’m single, eh?


      1. Well, all you have to do is start dating someone with the same on-call schedule, and sleep in separate places for a week at a time, or be ok with waking each other up. EASY! Except not really.


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