Delicious LiveJournal Links for 5-12-2009

2 thoughts on “Delicious LiveJournal Links for 5-12-2009

  1. There is, frighteningly enough, quite a bit of research done on nano-brewing (2g or less batches) and while a coffeepot is used, it’s used for pre-heating mash water and later for sparge water. The critical piece of equipment to be co-opted over the wife’s dead body is the crockpot. You sparge using a common collander because at 2g batches, its not like efficiency is even a realistic, let alone attainable goal. Just add 1/2 lb more grain to bring the OG up and F careful sparging.
    When I lived in Oregon I did a lot (and I mean cubic assloads) of full-grain brewing like this with excellent results. Granted, it’s a bit more like actual brewing than the ghetto method he uses. I did full-grain mashes, used cultured yeast (often cultured myself from slants) and dryhopped.
    Primary and secondary was done in 2g cider jugs or 2g amber glass bottles bought from a science glass company up in Coos Bay.
    My only nod to ghetto-ass brewing was bottling in PET plastic bottles. stop laughing. They sanitize beautifully, seal tight, they’re available free and dont explode.


  2. I am appalled. Apparently, one can readily find hops on a moderately sized oceanographic research vessel, but you can’t find any decent brewing yeast?
    Goddamn oceanographers. Fucking barbarians.


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