late night thoughts on annoyingly cyclic U.S. politics

Obama is the liberals’ Reagan.

As someone who had to put up with it from the other side, I have this to say to the currently freaked out right wing and/or actual conservatives:

1. I feel your pain.

2. Neener, neener.

3. It’s all part of life’s rich pageant.

10 thoughts on “late night thoughts on annoyingly cyclic U.S. politics

  1. I love that you said this, because this morning as I was listening to the news I was thinking, “This is great, now we’ve got our own ‘great communicator’!” Neener neener indeed. And I love #3, as my mother used to always say that and it’s an important loop in my internal tapes.


  2. I remember when the Democrats were the party of disarray — they were going to go the way of the Whigs, no Democrat would ever again be elected to any office higher than dogcatcher, etc., etc.
    That was all of four years ago.
    The lesson is that power is fleeting. We’d better grab hold of our moment and use it well.


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