Leah and the Dog #2

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Leah and the Dog #2, originally uploaded by conradh.

Leah and this dog are really, really good friends.

9 thoughts on “Leah and the Dog #2

  1. It’s…it’s…THAT LADY!!!! Oh, Joy! Oh, rapture!!
    No one celebrates you like a dog. Leah is good to reward her worshiper.

  2. Nice
    Like, almost; “no strings attached?” (you know;) . . notice that diagonal ‘string’ back there; (..the line or whatever back there in the garage?) – ..Looked almost right there (at first) like the dog was ‘coordinated’ by it; (the pull-up and all. But no, ‘not much;’ right) – Pretty sweet . Nice πŸ™‚

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