7 thoughts on “having a good beer and good music

    1. i was at Lucky 13 on Market. i recommend!
      I’m in the city. I could do a lunchy thing tomorrow if you’re up for it! i got stuff to do later afternoon and evening. if not i will catch you next time.

      1. well shoot. dasan’s got a party thing tomorrow and i’m not sure when it’s over so i’ll have to be close-by to pick him up with the other parent calls me. darn-it!
        i hope you’ve been having a lovely time though, aside from fires and what not.

  1. Oh no — we didn’t go because I didn’t take it that you were confirmed since you said you weren’t going to be online and we didn’t have your phone number.
    Oh no! I’m so sorry!

    1. whoops! we’ll try again next time. don’t worry, i had a fine time there anyway. good beer and nice people and one hell of a jukebox.

      1. oh man, sorry. Yeah, we didn’t know how to get hold of you and Laurie had to go on some heavy no-drinking meds. Sorry!

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