In which the local police department provides amusement

Right after I saw Bob yesterday, he was pedaling home when accosted by Costa Mesa’s finest.

Picture Bob in a big straw hat, reflective bright yellow vest, riding a bike, towing a trailer on which there is a blue dog who is barking happily.

The cops decided he was the one who had just robbed a bank. Bob’s description of the event is below:

Uttered by a blue dog on a trailer and overheard by a passerby…In front of the trailered dog lay sprawled at gunpoint his unphased owner,muttering some bile ladden filth and saying things like “What the fuck” etc. long story short the dog confessed and both parties were released …..fuck me! what is it?break out the Kool Aid and jam for the fucking bridge??!! beyond Keystone we need pictures of me in bike outfit/bank robbery getaway outfit! later

Some days I can’t get enough of my town.

10 thoughts on “In which the local police department provides amusement

  1. poor bob. poor stain. 😦
    sierra and I were once pulled over with guns drawn and all the yelling, etc in HB. I guess my mom’s 1966 VW bug was similar to one used for the armed robbery of a jewelry store? uh, can we say “bad idea getaway car?”


      1. well, maybe theirs did, but I’m pretty sure ours did not. We were a revolving door of VWs in our family and we used to just stick any old engine any old place. HA!


      2. Plus after some hard miles number 3 cylinder overheated since the exhaust manifold was routed too close, so it lost some hp eventually anyway! My older brothers had an old 1959 beetle when they first had their licence, my job was wiping the windshield in bad weather, I was the 10 year old defroster! LOL


  2. I once saw CM Police questioning a guy in the park. They suspected him of having committed a nearby robbery. They asked him to stand, and he stood up…and up…and up. The cops just craned their necks to look at him and said, “How tall are you?!” Seven foot was the answer. The cops both started cracking up, and told the guy, “You know, I think that if the perp had been seven feet tall, that might have been mentioned.”
    I can’t believe they went so far as to send Bob sprawling at gunpoint. I mean, stain barks on the back of that trailer like a whoopin’ fire alarm: not exactly a stealthy get away vehicle.


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