Dear Lazyweb: Has anyone ripped this to mp3?

Elvis Costello. Promo 12″ released at the same time as King of America. “Don’t Let Me Be Misunderstood” recorded live at the Heartbreak in NY.

I lost the actual vinyl during the Great Failure of the 1990s.

Has anyone ripped this to mp3? I think it was also released on some crazy-ass 11 CD collection of rarities, and maybe to part of a singles collection, but I can’t find it anywhere.

Thanks to the efforts of the beautiful and talented mcbrennan this has been located. For now it can be found at my Tumblr. Go Cait!

Also: going through the discography looking for it reminds me how much he declined as an artist after the 80s. Oh well.

9 thoughts on “Dear Lazyweb: Has anyone ripped this to mp3?

      1. Sending now. 🙂 Warning–my computer keeps grumbling about an “internet connectivity problem” so it may (or may not) take a few minutes. But I will keep at it till it sends. I will not be thwarted. Well, not in this one instance, anyway.


  1. At tumblr, you’re getting more action than I usually do – good choice, thanks for making it available! I have counters set-up, you can check and see how it’s doing.


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