Another plug for f.lux

Everyone I know who has tried this program loves it. It is small and free. It adjusts your computer’s display so that it’s not blasting your eyes at night. When you try it, things will look a little weird at first. Then, you’ll turn it off after a while and scream OH GOD NO and turn it back on, because you got used to having relaxed and happy eyes while computing in the evening.

There’s a linux version now as well.

19 thoughts on “Another plug for f.lux

  1. That looks like a really cool app. I’ve already downloaded it, and I love how it has an option of being turned off for doing color work. I’m pretty psyched! Thanks!


  2. I actually had a bad time with it, which is probably due to the crazy circadian bipolar rhythms that are already in charge of my brane. I’m not sure what aspect of it was responsible, but it set my brain’s “start to think about relaxing time” ahead by about six hours. My most active brane time was between ten p.m. and 5 a.m., with a hopeful sleep time of 6 a.m.
    I was on to a better schedule than I had been before (getting to a more relaxed state and sleeping before 2 a.m.) before I started it, but fortunately I’m already back at that point, so it didn’t do anything permanent. So yeah, right now I’m back at starting to relax around 10 or 11 pm, and sleeping around 1 or 2 a.m., and waking up whenever I want to, because my doc says it’s better that I should just get sleep rather than worry about getting too much or when or whatever. So anyway, it’s anecdotal, but count one Type 1 bipolar having a bad time with it. It certainly did make my screen look nice, though!


  3. I like it, too. My only beef is that during the transition it really slows my computer down. The mouse goes into slow-mo. And one time videos and stuff seemed slower, and it wasn’t during any transition. I have a macbook pro, and it doesn’t seem like it should chug so much during the tranny.


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