Hey, you know that Rich Santelli rant?

You know, the one that’s being passed around in email, the one your dad wants you to watch, the “chicago tea party” thing?

It’s poorly concealed astroturf from the usual billionaires. Just so you know.

EDIT: It appears that the Playboy article, which has now been pulled from their site, was at a minimum poorly researched and may have been slanderous. The Koch connection has not been proved. Please see my later entry.

3 thoughts on “Hey, you know that Rich Santelli rant?

  1. Of course it is. It stank from three miles away. These types can’t pull together something that isn’t totally square to save their lives.
    This shit, by the way, is why I’m taking a break from news. Too much of it getting forced down my craw. I never knew it was called astroturfing though, that’s funny.


    1. What’s funny is that before I heard the term “astroturf” to refer to the grassroots-without-the-roots, I heard it called “crabgrass” — virulent “grassroots” that chokes everything in its path. Both terms make me smile.


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