I hope I can check out laser cannon for the weekend.

In order to get unemployment insurance checks from the State of California I am required to use CalJobs, their web-based job search system. It isn’t bad. I’ve already found one suitable opening. However, I also found this job…



also called…

The Deputy Project Manager Warrior Machine Interface.

29 thoughts on “I hope I can check out laser cannon for the weekend.

  1. Wow. That’d look pretty impressive on a resume.
    Actually, that just looks pretty impressive.
    I really don’t want to know what the FCSBCDPM/ DPMWMI actually does: I have a feeling it’s not as exciting as it sounds.


    1. that was ambiguous
      Certain SD-based company handles Future Combat *and* most healthcare-IT systems you’d have experience with. I can give references to the latter but also the former if you want.


  2. is that an internal job?
    Or is your warrior machine interface about the problem solving scenarios, in which you are actually a public facing position responsible for the irradication of unsatisfactory elements that do not interface well with teh Warrior Machine?


      1. Re: is that an internal job?
        I know the feeling.
        Things have not been the same since Dick Cheney went into deep protective cover as a part of the super secret fourth branch of government…
        ah yes… those halycyon days when the nation supported the one true and only blood sacrifices demanded by true biblical literalism and the correct implementation of the dominionist apostalic succession….


      2. Re: is that an internal job?
        in days of yore, we would burn our read receipts before the cold and uncaring gaze of OUTLOCH.


      3. Re: is that an internal job?
        those were such happier times….
        It was not like bob up in accounting was going to eat anyone’s eyes….
        But now, folks just run screaming when they meet zombies with PowerPoints and not so hidden agenda’s cleanly laid out on GANTT charts…


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