It can be done, so it must be done?

Yes, you can ship your twitter updates daily to Livejournal. But why? What is being accomplished? Tweets are ephemeral by design. If you said “my boyfriend’s bringing me cake” at 1300 and “anyone at UCLA know if Parking Log 3B is full?” at 1500 and “Goddamnit I forgot to buy beets” at 1800, why should everyone know about all of these at once the next day?

Can anyone explain why you’d want to post your list of tweets to your Livejournal?

33 thoughts on “It can be done, so it must be done?

  1. Some people blog more or less like a series of tweets anyway, so I guess they figure this way they save time. I too find it strange and irritating.

  2. I appreciate it, as I only follow Twitter sporadically. Half the time I only see a twittered comment to me because someone shipped it to their LJ. But LoudTwitter has stopped shipping my tweets for some reason, so you’re spared on that account at least.

  3. They want to combine the solipsistic cries for internet attention with the smug superiority of having a life. Sitting down to write a well reasoned blog post — well that just makes you a crackpot in Mom’s basement, doesn’t it? But a series of disjointed thoughts written from your STATE OF THE ART device?
    Well, that makes you an ON THE GO MOVER AND SHAKER AND GO-GETTER who is SO BUSY with their VAST SOCIAL LIFE. Yet, despite all this, you’re CARING ENOUGH to take time to let the little people on-line know about all your GOINGS-ON. You offer a seat at the table to find out about what’s CURRENT and AWESOME.
    If all these movers and shakers moved and shook as efficiently as they’d have us believe, then we wouldn’t have an economic crisis or a malaise of apathy or just entrenched, pervasive lack of opportunity in this world. But hey, who needs to till the soil? Easter Island needs more heads.

    1. and this stuff is tolerated because no one wants to be a voice in a crowd, or a member of an audience, a vast seething impersonal mass. Everyone wants to feel like they’re being spoken to directly; and so, yeah, maybe I didn’t actually get your tweet directly, but by seeing it reposted somewhere, I get to feel like I was there, like I’m a “friend” instead of a “subscriber”. No one wants to be a “subscriber”! Everyone wants to be a “friend”.
      A misguided belief that leads to asinine extremes like Sarah Palin winking at the camera in a hope of deluding an audience of millions that she is speaking just to them. That way lies psychoceramics, but the first step down that path of quiet desperation is a willingness to tolerate the most asinine, self-aggrandizing shit in the hopes that one will feel liked.

    2. You know what’s weird? When you post a reply I never get it by email. For some reason LJ doesn’t send me the openID ones, I guess.

      1. I’ve noticed that before – no worries. if the point is urgent I’ll just contact you directly. As it was, it was something like 4am and I was ornery.

  4. Srsly, fuck that. Since there’s a large set of people I follow on Twitter, LJ, and Facebook, I have to see some of their god damned twits three times each.

    1. This.
      I get twitter updates that someone changed their facebook status, flickr notifications on facebook, see the same photo on flickr, facebook, and a link to it on twitter, and then I have to see it all again on LJ. GOT IT, THANKS. lskd;asldk;

  5. I suspect people try it out to see what use it is and then either forget about it or can’t remember the URL and password to turn it off. That’s my excuse. Not that I twitter any more. It takes too long whittling my perfect, extended, nuanced thoughts down to 140 characters….

  6. I want my data to live in one place — JUST ONE. Everything else is backups. This crosspost everything everywhere stuff is just frustrating. I list “latest 5 tweets” on my blog in a sidebar, but it’s not slipped in with the rest of the content.
    If I were to do that, I’d want it to be something that doesn’t appear on outgoing RSS feeds: just a presentation device that uses the tweets ot give context between long-form posts. Anything else feels pretty inconsiderate to anyone interested enough to follow what I’m writing in both formats…

  7. AGREED. I’ve been feeling this for like a year, ever since Twitter came around. UGH. There is actually a way for people to post their Twitters with an LJ cut already configured in.. and NO ONE DOES THAT. WHY???
    Anyway. Yes. I agree. It’s stupid and way too random.

  8. I dunno – some people (at least those whose LJs I read) don’t tweet about what they’re having for breakfast or if they’re clipping their toenails, so I haven’t minded it so far.

  9. twitter == /var/log/messages
    I’m an old man. Try as I might, I cannot find a use for twitter. It reminds me of /var/log/messages on unix boxes. You never look at it until there’s a problem. Twitter will probably be used mostly for forensic analysis.

  10. I’ve been told it’s for the people expounding 140 characters nuggets of genius (as opposed to 140 character bits of “what I’m doing now”) to share with their non-twitter friends. I have yet to actually see this be the case.
    It got so bad that I had to write a Greasemonkey script to filter out people’s LJ cross-posts of Twitter, Delicious, and the like.

  11. The hell has been bugged out of me by Twitter in more than one milieu. I don’t get it, and I don’t like it. There’s some kind of strange entitlement going on, that you are not just allowed but encouraged to tell everyone every thing that’s happening in your day. It’s like taking a piss while you’re on your cellphone. No Do!!

    1. I do enjoy twitter myself, and I use it. It just feels like a medium that does NOT need to be preserved, much less broadcast.
      But hey! Enjoy!

  12. I feel that, in a couple of years, if I didn’t get around to blogging everyday at length about what was going on, the list of tweets for the day will remind me about what was going on. Keeping a record of my life, I suppose.
    If I could turn them private someway…I’m not sure if the app will allow that.

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