Delicious LiveJournal Links for 11-19-2008

3 thoughts on “Delicious LiveJournal Links for 11-19-2008

  1. “I get rid of the ‘ugly parts’ in my paintings.”
    This makes me wonder what it would be like to depict something horrific in Kinkade’s style. Of course Something Awful has already tackled this, but I think we can do better. It also occurs to me that Kinkade and Edward Hopper have pretty much the same obsession, houses and light. Only Hopper said, “Maybe I am not very human — what I wanted to do was paint sunlight on the side of a house.” Of course his paintings are way more human than Kinkade’s. I would like to see Hoppered-up versions of Kinkade paintings. I think you would do that by scraping the Vaseline off the lens and rendering the light in a big intimidating slab.


  2. gold spoke at my college and he was vaguely creepy and weird. didn’t like him so much after that.
    also once a long time ago i went with my family to an indonesian place he recommended, and i thought it would be a genius idea to order fried tofu. i like tofu! i like fried things! but i do not like huge monolithic chunk of tofu deep-fried to death, looking like a creature on the plate.


    1. I never met him. He was the crosstown rival when I worked at the newspaper, and coworkers of mine used to get into weird catfights with him.
      I like his writing. Writers are scary.


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