Delicious LiveJournal Links for 10-25-2008

14 thoughts on “Delicious LiveJournal Links for 10-25-2008

  1. Wow. Maybe I’m reading between the lines here, but do I detect a minor strain of homophobia there?
    On the other hand, it seems like they forgot to factor in the effects this new industry of nationalized military reality gay porn will have on the economy. You can’t outsource red-blooded man-on-man action!


  2. Why do I even click on this stuff
    I couldn’t get past this fragment of partisan enormity:
    «This was a blatant example of creating law by the
    court, for homosexual “marriage” was mentioned nowhere in
    the Constitution, nor would any of the authors have imagined
    that same-sex “marriage” could be derived from their words.»
    Wow! The Constitution didn’t mention gay marriage? That’s pretty damning!
    We’re a country of laws, damn it, and if it’s not in the Constitution, then
    it’s not legal, by golly!
    Oh wait, it doesn’t mention marriage at all. Boo! I thought our forefathers
    thought of everything in that outsized, one-page document.
    Hey, women aren’t mentioned in it either. Does that mean women shouldn’t
    vote? Same goes for Alaska, Texas and California.
    Wait, I’ve got it. Marriage is probably defined in the amendments. Right? No and No.
    Without debating the complexities of whether the court can make laws (legal
    precedents are pretty law-like), I find that I need not finish reading that
    product of fear, uncertainty and doubt. I won’t listen to arguments of made-up
    facts — unless they’re about B5, Hobbits or Cyclons.


  3. i for one welcome our fabulous new overlords, and look forward to serving them as we transform into the great nation of gaylandia.
    man oh man, when i was a kid, i figured out that the obsession with homos totally made people in my church pitch angry angry tents in their pants. not much has changed in the intervening 25 years.


  4. Man. I thought TRUE Christians would find the disbanding of the Boy Scouts to be beneficial because the Royal Rangers could finally take their rightful place.
    They neglected to mention the Girl Scouts.
    Oh! And where is the mention of how the government will unlawfully imprison, torture, wiretap, fuck with other countries for the gain of old white men?


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