This is our last dance, this is ourselves.

I love this song.

I first heard it while at the Miller’s Outpost jeans store on 17th Street in Costa Mesa, California. I was probably shopping for back-to-school jeans or something.

I can still see the whole store in my mind, the shelves full of jeans against the back wall in every color in variety especially. Boot cut, easy fit, black, white, dark and light blue, with that distinctive denim smell.

The terror of knowing what this world is about…

18 thoughts on “This is our last dance, this is ourselves.

      1. I’ll see what I can do. It’s a monster amount of tunes – odd fact, 99% of clapping songs are happy. I’m tussling with excluding electronic clapping, which would whittle it down a bit.


      2. That would be a worthy theme.
        BTW – When I think of Miller’s Outpost, it brings me back to Senior Night at Disneyland. MO is where I got my wide-lapel corduroy jacket to match a tie wider than a pie. I already had the Earth Shoes.


  1. Miller’s Outpost! A nearly-forgotten piece of my VA-CA-VA-CA coastal ping-pong. Were there faux-rustic wooden rails or something? 1980 was my userpic date; not sure where in the Galleria my cape came from.
    This song is closely held, never-forgotten, and given love, of course.


  2. tangentially related
    this morning at 9:15 i was walking to class in the too-bright sunshine and i had to scurry past the local sandwich shop (where sandwiches are an excuse for selling beer) as it blasted “space oddity”. brain-hurty context mismatch!!!!


    1. Remember the one pair of jeans in there that were like…78 x 30? My friends Tiffany, Lisa and I all got inside them one day.
      Then we walked over to Taco Bell and drank a bottle of Robitussen to get loaded. Was I supposed to make a reference to David Bowie somewhere in here? I lose 😦


  3. Songs in stores
    The first I heard Laurie Anderson /From the Air/, I was in Excalibur comic book store in Montreal. Back when Excalibur was a bunch of boxes on the carpetted floor of someone’s ill-lit front room. The music was loud (for a store) and distracting. How could I concentrate on X-Men and Warlord back-issues when this weird awsome pulsing sound was demanding my attention?
    I was there with my older brother, who wasn’t into “strange” music like I was. We giggled about “there is no pilot” for years afterwards.
    A few years back, I got my hands on a near-mint vinyl of “Big Science.” I don’t think I’d heard /From the Air/ in 20+ years since but I was instantly transported back to that small store.
    Like a ‘Nam flashback, only without being shot at.


  4. Miller’s Outpost was definitely my back-to-school store of choice. I was always impressed by my Mom’s ability to go the distance shopping with me despite the music playing that I know frayed her nerves. I hope that I will one day have as much on the ball when it’s my turn to be the grown-up thinking, “Do they have to play it so loud? It’s a store, not a rave…”


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