9 thoughts on “Goin’ out to all the pretty girls, to all the pretty girls

  1. Dude, it’s so true. I was obsessed with figuring out how to make my hair like Ariel’s as a kid. Or at least like Launchpad McQuack’s.

    It’s undoubtedly why I dyed my hair red, but I’ve never achieved that buoyancy.


  2. Quite a few years ago I ended up at a screening of a bunch of queer short films which were all really great. The three I remember were a film where a nasa-scientist turned superhero/slacker, fed up with her landlord’s shenanigans, employs science, orange peel, and a fortune teller to turn her brooklyn apartment into an awesome rocket. There was also “Bad Jews in my Kitchen”, a conversation about religious vs secular/cultural Jewish identity among lesbians.
    But what’s relevant here is a film whose name I don’t know, but it was a clever remix of tons of old disney movies, overdubbed with chopped up Ani di Franco songs. (Don’t groan, a lot of us needed her then like teenagers need angst.) It started with lots of Cinderellas and Snow Whites expressing a growing confusion about their identities as pretty girls, and by the end, all of them have rebelled and tossed their respective princes to the curb. It was tres adorable.


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