8 thoughts on “Hard times come again no more

  1. While there’s something entirely too precious about Rufus singing with his eyes closed, the choir-geek in me loves the close harmony on the chorus, and the spare instrumentation. I love singing this kind of multi-part a-cappella-ish stuff, even if no-one else likes listening


    1. As a fellow choir-geek, I must concur.
      I am occassionally invited by other chorus members to go and hear chorale singing. I always decline. I love singing the stuff, but I can’t pretend that spending 3 hours listening to a mass or other choir-eclectica is really on my list of big fun.


  2. I like Laura Love’s version on “You Ain’t Got No Easter Clothes”, and I like this one too (I’ve been a fan of the McGarrigles since forever), but I’m not a cool kid, so what do I know.


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