8 thoughts on “late night ljtalk

      1. Re: Larry King?
        I want to try and fashion a first name out of “Condoleezza,” but obviously not just “Condoleezza” and slightly more white-girl sounding.
        (If you manage to come up with a suitable variation I will WORSHIP you. WOR.SHIP.)


      2. Re: Larry King?
        It’s hard to get a z in there without hitting the stripper gong or going for low humor (colonzappa, etc). Candice-Liza would be a pretty bad stripper name, no? Incidentally, the anagram generator spat out “La Coed Zone” which made me very happy.


  1. if you didn’t already read my post..

    (my computer is possessed and sent me the link without any prompting. that, or I haven’t slept enough..)


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