Weekend Update

I am having writer’s block and a lot went on this weekend, but I do want to say:

1. miss_geek and vanmojo are the best dates for a nerd’s night out at a museum. Plus there was a mechanical dinosaur the size of a car wandering around, and we learned about dolphin brains and behavior, and there was ROCK MUSIC. What a good time! New rule for the Mountain Goats, though. Y’all have to play at least 10 miles away from USC. I’ll explain later.

2. A day with turnip and spork0 is a fine, fine thing. Three hours of gabbling over coffee and then a memorably good meal at Pomegranate Restaurant, an unexpected and amazing Russian/Georgian restaurant. Plus, you know, zee beautiful womenz. Unavailable: the best kind for true romance.

3. I live in the only place in the country with good weather right now.

13 thoughts on “Weekend Update

  1. Thanks again… that was teh_qewlist!!!1121q11QQ!!
    And yeah… the people watching was outstanding… I am going to have nightmares about that platinum blonde SigueSigueSputnik escapee…
    mojo sends

    1. seriously some of the best people watching i’ve had in a long time.
      and remember when i said i thought i recognized that one dude from my lj? he posted about being there, it was him. now i feel like a weird stalker. HA.

  2. I kneau, rite
    GREAT DATE. I think the table behind us was slowly WITHERING in envy.
    Thanks again for coming out to see us.
    Next time, we should catch Cinnamon Inferno’s show.

      1. Re: I kneau, rite
        After all the hair-stroking, I was afraid for a minute that I would get scalped on the way out.
        Pretty much the only way my weekend could’ve been cooler would be Vincent Price in an elevator.

      2. Re: I kneau, rite
        Vincent Price in an elevator.
        “Going… down?”

    1. I tried, but no go with a phonecam. Her clothing was you five years ago (same hair, same scarf, same sweater style) and the hand gestures etc. were EEEERRRIIIEE.

  3. Oh – I think one of my music history profs way-back-when recommended that restaurant to a few of us students, but I for one never got ’round to going. We tried very hard not to giggle when he referred to it as the Pectopah, though; we just didn’t have the heart to correct him.

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