Outing to the Natural History Museum Tomorrow

The science nerdery and party at the museum is tomorrow, starting at 5:30. I have two advance tickets left. Joshua and I are somehow going to meet and go together. I’m sure we could pick people up on the way if anyone is interested.

The only thing I am not sure of is when we’ll go. Arriving at 5:30 in Exposition Park requires Nightmare Traffic, so if he arrives earlier we might just go for it.

If anyone is interested in going and might go at a different time, you might want to try meeting me in person tonight and getting a ticket from me. Or leave a note here if you have another exciting idea.

11 thoughts on “Outing to the Natural History Museum Tomorrow

  1. Right now, my plan is to take off work at about 1 and come down to Costa Mesa from Orange, about 15 minutes that time of day… BTW, AIM me your street address…
    mojo sends


      1. If Josh gets here at 1 or so, we could pick you up at 2 if you’re off work. If you can’t do that, we are flex-i-ble.


      2. let me ask if i can leave work early and see if i can get doah to pick up dasan from school. i’ll let you know for sure by the end of the night tonight. it should be fine though.


    1. That’s how I heard about it, through some music reference. And then I saw it was anthronerds and the museum and I was all WOW ALL MY PLEASURE CENTERS AT ONCE. Look forward to seeing you.


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