Husker Du

When I heard them it was love, immediately.

On the printed page without music, their lyrics aren’t that great most of the time.

The records sounded awful. Volume all over the place, buried vocals, and a thick dumb thudding drum sound that one engineer described as “golf clubs hitting a frozen mattress.”

Live, you couldn’t hear anything but Bob’s guitar and it sounded like a power tool.

But they had HEART. I still can’t hear most of their songs without singing along. The middle of the 1980s didn’t have much heart. Slick pop, fun dance music, loud punk and industrial, and self-conscious jangle pop were all good in their own ways.

Husker Du just sang about how they felt, their horror and joy, their beliefs and fears, without any pretense or immature cynicism. And we sang along because we felt it too.

Thanks, guys.

14 thoughts on “Husker Du

  1. that is how i feel about crimpshrine. the production values are SO BAD. it sounds like it was recorded in a dumpster in the ocean. but they are still SO FKN GOOD even thru the bad recording.


    1. That’s good to know. Grant got the short end of the stick when the band broke up and hasn’t got much respect since, but he wrote better songs.


  2. I need to give them another listen. I always found them technically interesting… Have you heard Bob Mould’s “Workbook”? I just found out about it and it’s on my short list of records to check out.


    1. “Workbook” is one of my alltime favorite records. It’s an amazing piece of work and always takes me back to my college years. It’s not a lot like Husker Du but it is an incredible solo album. Bob Mould kicks ass.


      1. I haven’t liked anything he’s done in years, but I did like Workbook and the Sugar stuff.
        Poor old Grant Hart is underrated. For some reason Bob got all the buzz.


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