Now remember, folks

If you don’t kill Jesus today there won’t be any chocolate bunnies or Cadbury eggs on Sunday. You can get jellybeans any time, or store Peeps for 30 years, but without the judicial murder there won’t be any chocolate ear to bite off.

So get cracking. I know he’s a pretty nice guy but sometimes you just have to be hard.

At least this year we don’t have the vexing problem of the 4/20 Hitler Easter

12 thoughts on “Now remember, folks

    I liked it when they had our three year old among the young children singing, “Were you there when they nailed him to a tree?” I prefer to think that the crowd consisted solely of three year olds.


  2. Having Easter in March throws off my internal Jewish calender. I was all ready to go eat some good passover food but that isn’t for another month. Jesus is finally getting his revenge.


      1. Re: “I Don’t Care if it Rains or Freezes…”
        But the devouring of the entire figure then becomes rather sacramental for us Catholics. It’d probably make Communion a lot more popular, too. Mmmmm, transubstantial chocolate…
        Mike Again


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