Welcome to San Francisco!

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, originally uploaded by ms trouble.

This is why I love California, and why I don’t mind a 500 mile trip up to SF sometimes.

7 thoughts on “Welcome to San Francisco!

  1. is it the bay to breakers race again already? when i wasleaving sf (my brothers wedding) last time i got on the bart to the greyhound station completely unaware it was the bay to breakers race. on my car were 3 cows a farmer a couple puzzle pieces and random super heroes and of course my fave…a group of penis fairies with dildos affixed to headbands and throwing penis shaped glitter on everyone in the car. i exited the bart station to a sea of people in brilliant costumes swarming downtown at like 7am! i *heart* sanny franny. cant wait to move back 🙂


      1. even better…before i even got on bart before i had seen anyone in costume i went to get some coffee and there was a guy in ass showing daisy duke jean shorts running shoes and a suit jacket with button up shirt and neatly tucked tie. totally profesh from the waist up. it tripped me out. then i found out it was the race day. hah….man i thought i was still drunk from the wedding reception at first though hah


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