18 thoughts on “BIKE.

  1. #1
    You need to put up a picture of YOUR bike. …’cause remember, yours is special because it was the first one ever produced!
    …and because it belongs to you, and you’re awsome!


    1. Re: AND HOW
      Pretty much everywhere that I don’t need to carry something heavy or be there quickly. This is ideal bicycling territory, and I’m an idiot not to take advantage of it, especially when I work from home and I can take a 45 minute bike break if I want and pedal through a freaking nature sanctuary full of twittering birds and vicious coyotes.


  2. Gosh, that is a pretty bike.
    It must be the season, but the world is telling me that it’s time to get a damn bike already. I was planning on a $50 craigslist beater, but yours has “Wonder Wheels II” written all over it.


  3. Yay bike! awesome. If you need advice on ramping up your biking habits, I’d be happy to help.
    A recommendation, if you’re looking at bike luggage: Ortlieb panniers and boxes are spendy, but bulletproof. Totally worth the money.


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