strange spirits

At the fancy grocery store they had a vodka of Armenian origin, and the label listed the following additives:

acetic acid
sodium bicarbonate
dried skim milk

What’s this all about? Anyone know?

I found another vodka with similar recipe:

9 thoughts on “strange spirits

  1. Yes, I know
    Acetic acid is vinegar, and sodium bicarbonate is baking soda. Therefore, the purpose is to MAKE A MILK AND HONEY VODKA VOLCANO like in the science fair.
    And wasn’t it The Who who said, “Armenia / City in the Sky.”


  2. Distilling
    Sodium bicarbonate can be used in distilling to prevent the formation of ethyl acetate. My notes say 60 ml per liter of pure alcohol in the 2nd and 3rd distillation. The first run will produce about 65% alcohol, so you’d do the math from there. I’ve lost the URL, but it went into more chemical detail then I could understand.


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