Has he stood firm against the manimals?

raar manimal

I didn’t get a chance to see or hear the State of the Union address this year, but I do want to know. He gave a stirring declaration of principle and courage in his 2006 address: that he would not tolerate man-animal hybrids. I have looked in vain for some evidence of action after this. The man is a lame duck, I understand. He’s had reverses. But can’t he think of his legacy?

This is not the first time I’ve expressed my concerns. And still the White House is silent.

Treachery, or mere incompetence? Please tell me he said something reassuring tonight.

6 thoughts on “Has he stood firm against the manimals?

  1. The man is a lame duck
    You said it: It appears he was forcibly converted to Manimalism before he had a chance to fully implement his plan. Though he did struggle before the ray hit him, thus damaging his leg.

  2. Somehow he managed to keep Nancy Pelosi’s head from exploding. I thought that was reassuring.
    In other news, HRC mentioned earlier in the day that this would be his last State of the Union speech. I dunno about you, but I found that reassuring.

  3. all he did was keep me from watching the Sarah Connor Chronicles, which is slightly more realistic and less violent than him anyway.

  4. Funny you should ask! This just out from, ahem, the “Christian Examiner”:
    WASHINGTON — A Republican and a Democrat in the U.S. Senate have combined their efforts once again in an attempt to prevent unethical research involving human-animal hybrid embryos.
    Sens. Sam Brownback, R.-Kan., and Mary Landrieu, D.-La., have renewed their call for a ban on the creation of human-animal hybrids after a British agency approved such research. The senators had introduced the Human-animal Hybrid Prohibition Act, S. 2358, in mid-November.

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