Email from someone I did business with maybe two years ago?

Bonjour substitute!

Pardon! On est désolés! Le serveur a mangé trop de bûche
à Noël et nous avons du retard pour l’envoi des brouzoufs.
Nos petites mains ont travaillé dur et le problème est
maintenant résolu : voici 222 brouzoufs.

Avec toutes nos excuses!
A bientôt sur [REDACTED]

L’équipe [REDACTED]

1. I have no idea why they’d owe me 222 euros.

2. I had to look at an online French slang dictionary to find out that a brouzouf is a euro.

Edit:A commenter has the real story: it’s some kind of bonus point scheme at, and not 222 euros. So it is for real and not incomprehensible! Yay!

6 thoughts on “Email from someone I did business with maybe two years ago?

  1. Hello,
    Ok, “Brouzoufs” can mean “money” in French (like “buck” can mean “dollar” or “money” in American English), but in this case, “brouzoufs” is the name of the fidelity point of the t-shirt sales website That’s all. Maybe they reward you for the buy of one of their article.
    They DO NOT owe you 222 euros 😀

  2. The whole message (if you don’t read French?) is something like
    Whoops! We’re sorry! The server ate too much [Christmas food] which made us late sending you these brouzoufs. Our little hands have been hard at work on the problem which is now resolved: so here’re your 222 brouzoufs.
    With all sorts of excuses!
    Talk to you soon [REDACTED]

    1. I actually could translate everything fine except the brouzoufs. I liked the idea of a computer eating one of those heavy christmas “log” things.
      My commenter pointed out that “brouzouf” is like “buck” or “dime” and just means a unit of money; apparently it’s their inhouse word for customer bonus points.

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