One of those silly “which candidate matches you” quizzes and I get this:

88% Mike Gravel
83% Dennis Kucinich
74% Bill Richardson
69% Barack Obama
68% John Edwards
66% Chris Dodd
65% Joe Biden
64% Hillary Clinton
38% Ron Paul
31% Rudy Giuliani
25% John McCain
24% Mike Huckabee
21% Mitt Romney
18% Tom Tancredo
16% Fred Thompson

2008 Presidential Candidate Matching Quiz

8 thoughts on “MIKE GRAVEL?

    1. Re: I smell a rat
      the rat is the mainstream media that doesn’t report on the candidates that people actually agree with! If they did then the Dem nomination would be between Gravel & Kucinich instead of the corporate owned, pro war “Big 3”

  1. Very similar to my results on these types of quizzes. And very similar to MANY people’s results. The fact is the so called “fringe” candidates like Mike Gravel & Dennis Kucinich (and Ron Paul on the Republican side) are actually the candidates who are speaking the truth. The ones who are right on the issues. It’s because they are right on the issues that the corporations won’t fund their candidacies or mention them on TV. If everyone would vote based on the issues instead of on haircuts and other superficial nonsense, our country would be much better off. http://www.thepresidentialcandidates.us/mike-gravel-leading-in-issues-poll/18/

  2. I guess I’m a “Doddering” fool
    79% Chris Dodd78% Hillary Clinton77% Mike Gravel77% Barack Obama76% Dennis Kucinich75% John Edwards73% Joe Biden68% Bill Richardson43% Rudy Giuliani32% Tom Tancredo31% Ron Paul29% Mitt Romney28% John McCain21% Fred Thompson20% Mike Huckabee

  3. it gave me 73% with kucinich and edwards for my top choices. my top republican was tom tancredo, who i’ve never heard of and who didn’t make anyone elses’ list. he’s pretty crazy, so go me.
    In July Tancredo proposed that America respond to any future terrorist attack by bombing Mecca… during a more recent townhall meeting in Iowa (July 31, 2007), Tancredo said that a threat to bomb Mecca and Medina was “the only thing I can think of” that could deter a nuclear terrorist attack.

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