3 thoughts on “Our Dark Materials

  1. Wow
    Wow, Pullman really sent up a white-hot flare for your dad right there.
    You might want to tell your brother to put some
    “Search at ABEBooks” / “Search at ISBN.nu” /
    “Search at Amazon” / “Search at Powell’s” links on
    each of those
    /~heiney/harris/*.html novel
    pages. Hell, I’d code up the “insert this there” stuff if he wants.

  2. I’ve read the pages on your dad (that you link to) a couple times since we’ve been lj friends. I really want to read his books. And I don’t know why I haven’t yet. But I’m reading Pullman now — on the last of the trilogy — so I think the time is right to afterwards progress to Harris.

  3. I’m embarrassed to admit that after reading Yukiko and then The Balloonist when we were lads, I just sort of stopped. I think now, though, I’ll go all Pullmanish and track down the rest. If I don’t like them I’ll punish you by trying to force upon you some of the cheesy thrillers my grandfather wrote. :-]

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