The passing of a radio hero

Mitchell Harding was one of the radio voices I would listen to at night in my bed through the earphones, late at night, after my parents were in bed. He was a voice on the legendary Hour 25 science fiction program at KPFK and later a constant voice on KCRW, where he did news programming.

I can hear his fatherly voice in my head even now. He was good to me over the airwaves. Rest in peace, sir.

3 thoughts on “The passing of a radio hero

  1. Wow. I used to listen to this show religiously. I wanted to be a famous sf writer when I grew up. Harding was one of the few voices in the scene who didn’t seem like somebody I didn’t wanna be – I could listen to Hour 25 and not feel like I was doomed to attend Star Trek conventions or something. (One never knows if one’s scratching a scab with a comment like that so apologies if so.)

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