Stereotypes seen at grocery store

cake yeah!

Very tall very fat gamer dude with long ponytail

Tough ‘n’ angry monobrow Santa Ana gangbanger with apologetic smiling girlfriend/sister

Two very sunburnt bro-dude gay guys, one of whom was drunk enough to eat a bit of the wrapper of his candy bar while staring at US Magazine on the newsrack

A guy who couldn’t find the beer and then announced that he was having one before he drove home

Doah (Hi Dasan!)

6 thoughts on “Stereotypes seen at grocery store

  1. I went to Stater Bros on friday night and realized how much like a high security prison commissary it is.
    Ralphs is a freakshow, but Stater Bros is like another dimension. of doom.

  2. my grocery store has way different stereotypes.. i will have to remember to remember people next time i go for you..
    also i went to whizz at kean and the girls bathroom has a continuation of verbal elegance

  3. The reflection of light on that plastic cake container looks like a crazed parrot-serpant thing wearing a hat rising like the phoenix from the star spangled cakey-fury. Cool.

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