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      1. hopefully this works…
        The article that goes with this pic needs a log in I don’t have. Basically she is a possible schizophrenic religious zealot who believes that that the Village Inn dabbles in child porn, prostitution, etc. It has become a free speech case that has hit the supreme court. My boyfriend’s father used to be her lawyer before she went completely wacko.

      2. Re: hopefully this works…
        Is the village in the divey brick place at the end of Main Street? She just may be on to something, I know some shady characters that used to hang out there. Like my ex-boyfriends father that grabbed for my lady parts more than a few times.
        In all seriousness, that’s amazing. Like, of all the fucked up places in Orange County, she goes after a neighborhoood tavern? I mean HELLOOOOO what about TBN! They probably sell baby foreskins at the frankinsence and myhrr gift shop.

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