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      1. Re: Off Topic
        Whup? Skulduggery and shady dealing in the 9/11 aftermath? Shocked, shocked I am, that anyone would dare CASH THE FUCK IN ON the cleanup.

  1. someone said to me once… “gin makes a man mean.” to which i replied, “no sir, gin makes a man attractive.”
    but lots of people i know just say that gin tastes like pine trees…

      1. i love gin, good gin that is… except for the part where it makes me black out completely after just one sip. that’s kind of bad news. i do miss the taste of good gin though.

  2. My grandma was a gin fan. So much so that when I was like 5 I used to ask anyone with a short glass full of ice if they were drinking it. LOLZ. (?)

  3. Oops, I forgot to get drunk
    I’m a failed drinker. I used to drink mimosas, daiquiris, screwdrivers, strawberry margaritas…then I realized that it was the juice I liked and that I enjoyed all of them a lot more when they were “virgin.” So much for any hope of a wild youth.

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