Why yes, yes it is.

I heard a carnival barker-style bellowing ad on the car radio yesterday while listening to the all-news AM station. It was the usual mortgage broker appeal to refinance, this time with the added warning that rates were going up. The ad concluded:

“It’s the biggest no-brainer in the history of Mankind!

11 thoughts on “Why yes, yes it is.

  1. oh you don’t listen to sports talk enough. That ad has been going for years (at least up here). The newest one is actually self-mocking about being the “biggest no-brainer in the history of Mankind!”
    the thing is that the voice reminds me of Tom Bodette of those old Motel 6 “we’ll leave the light on for you” ads.

  2. I hear that a lot on KNBR, the Giants’ station. It sounds like they were half-assedly going for a “CRAZY LARRY’S USED CAR LOT” thing but just scaled it down to one lone weirdo with a microphone.

  3. In a battle of the wits, Crazy Gideon would run circles around any Jackass trolling Roman Cucina.
    And Crazy Gideon wouldn’t be caught dead in a pair of cargo shorts.

  4. There is a counter ad to that with TV Troubleshooter Judd McElvene calling bullshit on that with another mortgage company. I wonder if the bros have TP’d his house yet…

  5. Dr Moussa
    XL Laser Vision Institute trumps everything right now.
    you do the big research, you come away with the knowledge you don’t have to fish around for your glasses in the morning. they got the hot gear. they got the answers, including that finance thing.

    1. Re: Dr Moussa
      Lest not forget the KARS FOR KIDS spot that started my 4:45 a.m. morning off right- get up and got to to work, sung by a bunch of retired grannies and developmentally disabled teens.
      God hated me.

      1. Re: Dr Moussa
        I only commute once a week, so the Lumpen-America AM Radio Ads for Idiots don’t come as hard and fast as they once did.
        I was always a fan of the ads for Joint-Ritis, especially the ancient Appalachian lady who said something like “Since the joint rahtis my oth ritis has been so much less that I barely notice hit.”

      2. Re: Dr Moussa
        What about HMS Capital
        30 year loan based on the LIBOR Index for “savvy financial people”, we’ll call it the Bill Handel loan…wait, for all of you that got screwed by rising interest rates, we now have the 10 year loan, “the last loan you ever need to buy”, the payments are high, but you will own your home in 10 years!

      3. Re: Dr Moussa
        Kars for Kids is a horrible radio ad, and if it’s really spelled with a K that’s even worse!
        I listen to talk radio in the afternoon and that Biggest No Brainer ad is on every day. I don’t know if it’s the same where you are, but the ad always starts with Good Ole Mortgage Guy announcing the license number. For what I don’t know. Plus: “We got plenty uh money. We don’t need to hit you with closing costs.” So there aren’t ANY closing costs? I doubt it.

  6. the other vanpool driver loves AM radio, and i hear that ad way too often. before i got my ipod working again, it ran at least twice in the 90-minute commute home.

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