medicine, it fails us now

a month wait in considerable discomfort to see doc for follow-up

$500 balance there because insurance is a pathetic goatfuck

five minutes with doc, who refers me to another doc. he warns me that it can take a while to see new doc

i point out that two months of discomfort is not optimal

he agrees and prescribes an antiinflammatory

drugstore says insurance requires prior authorizatio meaning they fax my doc who then faxes back a note saying he really means it when he writes prescription

i opt to pay up front so i don’t have to wait indefinitely for possible relief. cost $110

judy, a lowly clerk, out and out gives me a $30 store credit giftcard because i got screwed

conclusion: judy rules. the rest of them are quisling sellouts

9 thoughts on “medicine, it fails us now

  1. You have my sympathy, as I too am having shoulder-pain drama. I noticed my new prescription for anti-inflamatory pills says “<> in huge bold letters on it, which seems like a ply to keep the ins. from being snotty about paying for it. Can’t afford the 500 deductible for the x-rays prescribed anyhow, much less the surgery she thinks ‘ll need.
    If you get really desperate, you might consider searching for a sobador/huesero, which is hte Mexican folk version of a chiropractor. I went to one who worked me over with the most vigorous, intensive massage of my life. It wasn’t pleasant, but for days aferwards, I could move! Plus, it was CHEAP.

  2. Thank God for the Judys of the world.
    My mom is going through similar drama with a badly pinched nerve in her lower back. I feel terrible for both of you, I don’t understand why everything has to be so broken. She is seeing an acupuncturist next, out of her own pocket of course.

  3. Yeah, that didn’t last. It was back to Sav-On, as it had been since I was a tiny child. Until they got gobbled up. I enjoy “CVS/Pharmacy” because of the unnecessary and weird slash in the middle. I assume that was a marketing thing because it looked more “technical.” I wonder how much they paid for that slash?

    1. This reminded me that I need to do a pictorial entry about funny signs in the valley. Lots of gratuitous quoting for emphasis (“FISH” – on sale!) and pragmatics-type errors like “Don’t Throw Your Money To Expensive Stores!!!!”

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